I grew up in the mountains but had never really hiked until ~3 years ago.  I'd done the occasional day trip here and there, and would spend the rest of my weekends doing errands and binge watching Netflix. This whole routine left me feeling the same drained feeling I was when I left work Friday as I was when I returned. 

Fast forward to April 2016.

I spent every weekend from mid April to Mid October away (primarily hiking). It was one of the best things I've done, and it sparked a new found passion. I was tired, but went back to work feeling rejuvenated, excited for my next weekend adventure. 

The motto of the summer for me was, " #nowastedweekends2k17", and I've discovered that in order for me to be my happiest, that motto needs to be a year-round motto. 

Here I've documented some of my adventures and some of the information on places I've collected but haven't made it to yet (The Hitlist).

I hope this information can help you go and experience something new, or maybe will inspire you to go step outside your comfort zone and try something new!